The Launch


As previously “blogged”, I will be returning to Irish shores on the 2nd of February. I will be based in Dublin but will be working with teams, clubs and athletes around Ireland. I will also continue to work with my UK based athletes as well as working online with those based further afield.

From what I’ve gathered from working with Irish clients over the past few years, the nutritional advice that GAA, Rugby and Soccer teams are getting is weak to say the least. I have also found that the advice the surging number of those doing triathlons, Ironman, cycling and running are getting is a “little” outdated. While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I hope to be able to bring people up to speed through talks, seminars and consultations. Bookings can be made online via paypal on the Services page and team/club seminars can be booked via email:

For now,  just leave a comment  below and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a full 1-2-1 consultation. It will just be a lottery draw and the winner will be announced next week

  1. Conor01-26-2012

    Sounds fantastic 🙂

  2. Ruaidhri01-26-2012

    Best of luck on Move Home, i will be in touch

  3. Declan Faulkner01-26-2012

    if your not in you can’t win barry!

  4. @dave__giles01-26-2012

    Barry’s a legend enough said.

  5. Richard Moodley01-26-2012

    Can’t wait to meet you!

  6. Paul Haughney01-26-2012

    Please I need help don’t have a clue. Thanx

  7. Alan Kenny01-26-2012

    Best of luck with the move, Alan

  8. Gregory01-26-2012

    All the best with the move!

  9. Adrienne01-26-2012

    Me please:) I need some help maintaining energy. Thanks

  10. James Carty01-26-2012

    Hi, I’m leaving a comment here to be entered into the draw for the free consultation. I’m currently training to run from Claremorris to Drogheda a distance of 134 miles in July over 5 days for charity. Look forward to hearing from you,

  11. Conor Murphy01-26-2012

    I’d love this….I’m an economics student with have a massive interest in nutrition!

  12. Tim Chapman01-26-2012

    Id be very keen on attending one of the seminars. Good luck

  13. Mark McDonagh01-26-2012

    Good luck, hopefully we see you in Galway soon …

  14. Terry Mc Eneaney01-26-2012

    Oh pick me! pick me! I need some sond advice…..

  15. Brendan01-26-2012

    Best of luck with the move back Barry, hope it goes well for you!

  16. Ciaran Avitabile01-26-2012

    Heard about this through a feed on Twitter.
    If there are any open talks/events please post.
    I’m taking on my first Ironman race this season so look forward to hearing from you.

  17. Medbh Peavoy01-26-2012

    I’ve been pimping you out to my clients, they’re all very interested in your return to the homeland!

    Thus, I should win.

  18. Noel Brick01-26-2012

    Some advice before the MdS in April would be well appreciated!

  19. NapoleonD01-26-2012

    I shouldn’t win, I’ve not been doing as you said since my accident and put two stone on. However that has been changing since Christmas. I’m still fat though.

  20. Rodney Young01-26-2012

    Good luck with the move, hopefully I will be hearing from you soon 🙂

  21. Gary Bourke01-26-2012

    Couldn’t Hurt 😉

  22. Conor Barry01-26-2012

    Oh that’s a prize I’d like to win!

  23. Paul Giblin01-26-2012

    It’s a lottery so if you’re not in……….

  24. Leeanne01-26-2012

    Ironman 70.3 first timer in May – and a veggie. Constantly on the forage for more ways to get protein, calories and general nutrition right! Help!

  25. andy Kavanagh01-26-2012

    Sounds good, looking forward to hearing more.

  26. andree walkin01-26-2012

    really cud use your expert help fattening up my ocean rowing husband b4 he heads off on his row across the indian ocean this summer hes currently 66kg needs to get up to 80kg b4 june!!!

  27. neil kelly01-26-2012

    How much of a difference to you think you can make. Sky’s the limit and im open to suggestions that can get me to the top. Cheers.

  28. thomas mc dermott01-26-2012

    pick me, pick me pick me,

  29. Michael Costello01-26-2012

    Best of luck with move to dublin. You are a legend in your field. Looking forward to meeting you.

  30. Chris Burke01-26-2012

    Welcome home Barry
    Get the people who make honey and sweet potato to sponsor you in your new venture/adventure!!!

  31. Fergal01-27-2012

    Count me in for free stuff!! Cheers!

  32. Ellen01-27-2012

    Pick me!

  33. Niall Cunnane01-27-2012

    Best of luck Barry. Good to have a top man close by. Hope to get in touch soon

  34. Stephen Hill01-27-2012

    All the best with the move back to the emerald isle!! Shall have to get a healthy German beer when you are back in Belfast Midtown again.

  35. Rob Davenport01-27-2012

    Count me in. I think Barry is on to what will be the new paradigm over the next 5 yrs in nutrition, sport and health. It may take may take longer for the Dept of Health, the medical profession and the supermarkets to realise that low fat everything is not the way to go.

  36. Eoin01-27-2012

    Looking forward to attending some of your talks or seminars.

    Best of luck setting up here.

  37. Sean Conroy01-30-2012

    All the best with the move Barry! Look forward to meeting up through the year and getting you out to the triathlon club for some more of your inspirational advice.

  38. Eileen01-30-2012

    I’m feeling lucky!!!!

  39. Tanya01-30-2012

    In it for the Hubby, Thanks. Best of luck on move HOme

  40. Daragh01-30-2012

    Stick me in the draw please

    Thanks v much

  41. Wesley01-30-2012

    Hopefully you’ll be paying a visit to Galway!

    Wes – GTC

  42. Padraig Lynch01-30-2012

    Would love to win the free consultation – its much needed country wide and should be compulsory for all GAA & Sports clubs – i’ve never had nutritional advice and have only looked at my own nutrition this month (resolution month). i would love to get a professional nutritionist to sort me out

  43. Mike McConnell01-30-2012

    Pick me! Pick me!

  44. Kate Thornton01-30-2012

    Hi There I am doing my first Triathlon and would love some nutritional advice
    Best Wishes

  45. Deirdre01-31-2012

    Adding my name to the pack…

  46. Matt02-03-2012

    Keep up the good work

  47. Mark02-03-2012

    Good luck with the move!

  48. Richard Stewart02-03-2012

    Keep up the great work Barry.

  49. Derek02-03-2012

    Looking forward to hearing and learning from you.

  50. Tom02-03-2012

    I may be in the wrong country but would be a good excuse to visit Dublin!!

  51. Declan02-03-2012

    Looking forward to attending some of your seminars, hope you can get some of that nutritional advice through to the GAA.

  52. Mick Murphy02-03-2012

    Count me in!

  53. Eddie Brennan02-03-2012

    Would love to win that! Welcome to Dublin!

  54. Rachel02-03-2012

    Need all the help I can get!

  55. Reece Ingram02-03-2012

    Would be a great prize!

  56. Suzy02-03-2012

    Best of luck Barry !!!