Sam Bewley, Pro Cyclist, Orica-GreenEdge

I have been working with Barry for just over a year now and before this I was pretty green to some very important nutritional techniques. The way Barry matches not just his nutritional knowledge but his awareness of living a general healthy life in many different senses with your training brings an immediate positive response. The thing I like most about Barry is all his techniques are tried and true. He practices what he preaches and everything he offers can be taken in great confidence. Working with Barry has given me huge gains in just a short period.

Luke Durbridge, Pro Cyclist, Orica-GreenEdge

I have always had a keen interest in the body and mind and its responses to nutrition and training. I have worked with many nutritionists and tried different ways to get my body running at its optimum. It wasn’t until I started working with Barry that my nutrition no longer became this huge stress on my life and the counting of calories could stop. Barry has taught me over a short period of time that nutrition can effect not only your weight and performance but your mind and general well being. The way Barry works is with experience and it gives you confidence that these are tested methods with years of trial and error to perfect the way our bodies work. As a professional cyclist our environment is constantly changing, which can make it hard to balance our nutritional needs. Working with Barry, he has developed strategies for all hurdles that may arise on the road and gives you confidence so you can perform at your best. Barry is constantly staying current and looking at holistic approaches, and I know that I am in good steed for my future as an athlete and a healthy person.

Steve Cummings, Professional Cyclist, BMC

My nutrition is crucial and Barry has helped me implement a very structured approach to parallel my training and improve my performance.

Gavin Noble, Irish Elite Triathlete

I am always looking for the extra percentages that will help with my performance in both training and racing – and my nutrition would seem an obvious area in which I would pay a lot of attention to. Before starting to work with Barry I did watch what I ate but it was not until seeking him out and taking his advice that I had a structured plan. Before I had a healthy enough approach but it was a little ad-hoc. My goal is to become as efficient as possible, to be able to train at a higher level than before and to turn that into better results. From working with endurance athletes Barry knows exactly what’s needed in order for us to train at a high level so that we can maximise our adaptations. I am now feeling stronger, energised and more importantly confident that I have not left my nutrition to chance

Dan Fleeman, (National Hill Climb Champion)

I started working with Barry in July 2010 and within weeks I dropped to my ideal race weight which I was struggling with all year.

The funny thing was that it was so simple to do and it certainly didn’t involve any major starvation tactics, in fact my food consumption went up as my weight and body fat went down !

Barry uses clever methods and takes the guess work out of nutrition. Although he looks at the science in detail, his recommendations are simple to put into practice. I would recommend Barry to any sports person from a beginner to a professional.

Bex Rimmington (GB Rower)

I started working with Barry 6-months ago as a cyclist turned rower. I was set a goal of weighing in for lightweight competition and by working together we implemented a plan based on my daily activity and training needs to ensure I was loosing body fat but still keeping energy levels high to complete the necessary workload. Whilst I thought making weight was all about starvation tactics, I was completely surprised by how eating cleverly and smart was the key to making weight. With Barry’s advice and guidance the future for me looks very exciting.

 Adrian Timmis, Cycling Coach, CadenceSport

For years I’ve been telling riders how important nutrition is. It doesn’t matter what training I give a rider as without the correct nutrition they aren’t going to get 100% back from the 100% effort they put in. This where meeting Barry has come in, I know after a rider has met Barry they will have all the right nutrition knowledge and tools in place.

The feedback I get back from riders after seeing Barry is excellent, they can’t believe the difference it has made, not just on the bike but off it as well, they have much more energy and are recovering far quicker

Denis Culligan (AIB Global Corporate Support)

The feedback from Barry’s presentation was exceptional. Barry really struck a chord. I personally didn’t realize how inteterested people are about what they should and shouldn’t eat and why. Some very important messages were given in a very unambiguous and entertaining way. Barry didn’t approach our presentation from an elite performance perspective but rather covered general nutrition as a key ingredient in peoples overall health, energy levels and general well-being.