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Nutrition Programmes

  • Nutrition/Health/Training Analysis
  • Full Individual Nutrition Programme – 30 page Report
  • Structured weekly/daily plans
  • Recovery Strategies

These are all individual plans and reports based on your training, goals, schedule and lifestyle. The reports and plans use a wholefood Paleo type approach to the food base with an emphasis on optimising health and performance. The strategies used are based on the hormonal responses of food and the physiological effects of how we eat. This is also tied in with the key lifestyle factors which play a crucial role in how nutrition functions.

You are sent simple forms (via email, automatically after booking) to fill out which are then used to write the report. The report is comprehensive but made specific with plans and guidelines structured so that it fits with the individual schedule/needs/training/goals etc. The report applies all the latest performance/health strategies based on your context but in a very practical format. It’s essentially a condensed summary of several years of study and research tailored for the individual. If needed, a separate follow-up phone/Skype consultation can be booked at your discretion.


Elite Nutrition Coaching & Support

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  • Full start-up nutrition assessment and programme
  • Continuous advice/reviews
  • Weekly Nutrition Plans to parallel training
  • Unlimited telephone/email support
  • Supplementation Protocols
  • Weight Management/Body Comp

This is for the serious athlete competing at elite level. You receive weekly plans based on your training schedule and tracking system. This ensures that your training parallels your nutrition. It also allows me to periodise your nutrition to optimize your training adaptations. It is done in a very practical manner that avoids restrictions and complications. This ensures that you control the way you eat and not the other way around. Working with the athlete on a continuous basis allows me to monitor trends and give you constant feedback. It also makes you more accountable. If you are a full time athlete, leaving no stone unturned, nutrition is undoubtedly the area where you can make the biggest gains.

Nutrition Seminars | Workshops | Camps

  • Sports/Performance Nutrition
  • Modern Nutrition for Health and Fitness
  • Weight Management/Fat Loss
  • Specific Topics: Paleo, Fat Adaptation, Ultra Endurance

I present seminars on a range of topics, as outlined above. The seminars take 1-2hrs and include Q&A sessions. The presentations can be made specific for the individual sport whether is for cyclists or rugby teams. I also present to corporate business’s and focus on general nutrition/fitness but using modern concepts. I can also be booked for full days or weekends by clubs and teams that want to receive seminars as well as 1-2-1 consultations with individual athletes. Please contact for further information.