Patreon Blog Post: Simplifying the Complexity

A piece from Barrys new Patreon account, The Connected Athlete:

Any intelligent fool can make a complicated problem sound more complex. The hard part is to make it simple.I think that’s where we are with nutrition today. We have are all the fancy terms, every macronutrient ratio, all the “systems” and paleo this and keto that. 

Then the experts want to justify their expertise by going into the minute detail and talking in technical terms. I have done this myself, the more sciency and the more elaborate, the more “respected” it should be. Which is fine, but now I’m sort of done with that approach. As after many years digging deep, I’ve seen enough. I can keep digging of course but there comes a stage where you end up just always coming back to the same place.

I like going into the detail of nutrition and biochemistry. But most people don’t. They just want simple to implement, take home, easy to understand recommendations. I’ve gone through 100’s of food diaries for athletes. The same things recur again and again. I used to use analytic software that calculates everything in terms of calories, grams, minerals etc…. but I soon realized it gave only a snapshot and really only gives a 1-dimensional view of what’s going on in the body. 

Anyway, if I was to just recommend two simple things for people to change in order to improve their health, here’s what it would be:

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