How to improve your life and it has nothing to do with food


An ON4S State of Mind……. 


These days I’m looking into other factors that affect our health and performance other than nutrition. I used to be 100%

nutrition. Now I’m not. The reason is the more I learn about other factors, the more I realise how they govern how we operate more than what we eat. Sure, of course I still use the best nutrition practices but they actually mean little if other things are not in place.

The biggest factor of them all…. Is the central governor.

You can either think yourself happy or you can think yourself sad.

It really is that simple

How you think then dictates how you behave. How you behave dictates everything you do in life. So ultimately, how you think then dictates the life you will have.

Your life thus is governed by your State of Mind.

Now you can look up and read up (which I have recently) on all of the self help books and even philosophy books. There are many facets to how you create your own best state of mind. There are also many facets that can influence your state of mind.

Since I moved home to Ireland, I’ve been listening to radio more and reading the newspaper more. When I lived in Italy, my Italian wasn’t good enough to understand everything, probably better that way. Anyhow, since I’ve started listening to the hourly news and reading the papers… it has hit how unbelievably negative and depressing it all is.

Example: Hourly news bulletin on the Radio

–          First is the latest domestic murder or murder trail

–          Next the latest world disaster or catastrophe

–          Next the latest car or road traffic fatal accident

–          Then the latest economy troubles and debts

–          Some sport, and some weather – usually forecasting some bad weather

This then is repetitive, like I said; it’s hourly on the radio… if you watch TV, its more lengthy coverage of all of the above, even worse with obvious visual reports too.

What do you think this then does to your state of mind?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to guess. This sort of news, this type of information and the repetitive nature of it is completely driving negative and unhappy and depressing thoughts. This is not the state of mind you want. This affects how you live and how will live.

You should also ask yourself, why? Why are they reporting news like this? Why can’t the news be as follows?

–          No murders reported (why do you need to know who has been killed?)

–          The lives saved by humanitarian aid and rescue workers at castrophe zones… probably a lot more than those who die

–          The improvements on the roads and recovery of casualties following road traffic accidents

–          The boost in growth of certain jobs and efforts being made by certain industries

–          More sport successes and achievements by ordinary people, not just professional sportsmen/women

–          How bright, fresh and long the days are even if there is some rain

–          A joke for the day to make you laugh

So imagine the difference that this would cause to your state of mind? Well it might help you to think happy. Thus, we must then deduce that the current news reporting is done to not make you think happy. They therefore want you to think sad. The news breeds sadness and fear. Sadness and fear makes you more vulnerable. This is how society is controlled.

This could go on into a very philosophical debate. But I’m not looking to argue. It has to be agreed that murders, disasters and turmoil is going to negatively affect your thinking. And simply, you can either think yourself happy or you can think yourself sad. This determines your outcome in this life.

Hence, if you want to eliminate one facet that makes you think sad and affects your state of mind, one of the easiest and best things to do… it to not listen to, read or watch the general news !!

“Whether you think you can do something or can’t, you are usually right” Henry Ford

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