Pod Casts










Too Busy to Eat Podcast:


Short interview discussing the basics of performance nutrition.


Nourish Balance Thrive Podcast:


In this interview, Barry describes his work with the pros and six much overlooked factors for high-performance ultra-endurance training: sunlight, cold thermogenesis, DHA from seafood, grounding, and water quality


Beyond the Current: Discussion with Svein Tuft on revamping endurance

Beyond the Current – podcast with Svein Tuft and Barry Murray


3 Part interview with Championseverywhere 

PODCAST: CE speaks to Barry Murray on nutrition and performance

2 Part interview with MarathonTalk


Interview with Ian Corless www.talkultra.com


Fasted State Training with Ben Greenfield

The Ultimate Guide To Combining Fasting and Exercise: Everything You Need To Know.

5 Steps to becoming a Fat Burning Machine with Ben Greenfield

Five Simple Steps To Turning Yourself Into A Fat Burning Machine.

Fat Adaptation in the real world with Nik Hawks www.paleotreats.com


Interview with Rene Borg about Primal3 www.primal3.org 

Primal 3 podcast: Episode #1 – ‘What is Primal3’?

Interview with Keris on pseudo Paleo, training, lifestyle factors,  www.fitterfood.com