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Blog 17 (Eoin Lynch): Not Blowing Fuses….

Blog- Recovery Week..

After a solid 5 week training block, it was time for me to take a recovery week this week.
I am lucky to not be following a very specific training plan so have the freedom to push harder or take it easier depending on how the body is reacting to training and all of the other factors that go with it.

Svein and myself aren’t analyzing graphs, numbers or data from heart rate and power meters but I am just being aware of the sensations during training, quality of sleep and general feeling to determine how hard to train.

While training hard day after day is essential in cycling while being fatigued and tired is part of the process of becoming faster, stronger, leaner, more efficient or whatever you are after, there is no point blowing out fuses..

The one fuse I am most concerned about is the brain or mind..
Sometimes the body gives gets tired, and needs a break but other times I find that it is the mind that needs a short break and to concentrate on something else for a few days or a week to refresh and regain the enthusiasm for training.

A recovery week doesn’t have to be a week of no progress.
I reckon that by spending less time on the bike, the spare time can be put to great use in other ways that can help progression even more than training would.
Or by riding the bike a bit less for a couple of days, the hunger to train comes back stronger than before.

It is a bit of a contradiction to to take it easy when it feels like you’re doing nothing to help you progress. But without the recovery the progressions don’t occur.

Enjoying the training,