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Blog 16 (Eoin Lynch): Pro Cycling Sourdough


Having only heard of sourdough bread on the menu of cafés caught in a vein attempt of seeming trendy, I never gave it much attention or interest.


I am lucky that my cycling coach not only teaches me how to train properly but also knows his stuff about quality bread too!


After getting a sourdough starter culture from Svein Tuft, I fed it, read a bit about it and made the first loaf.


For the first loaf, beginners luck struck! Throw in some starter, water, flour, salt and out comes perfect bread everytime! Or so I thought until the second attempt..


When the knife cut into the perfect looking crust of the second loaf, it was cutting through a ball of solid dough. I usually don’t waste food but this was for the birds!


Sourdough bread is cheap to make but requires time to learn and make it properly but the bread you get to make is worth the time investment!


Like the way you would really appreciate the time you spent chopping and preparing firewood when you’re sitting at a warm fire on a winter’s day, learning about and making sourdough bread is worth it when you’re eating it..


On making the starter:



On making the bread:



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