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Blog 15 (Eoin Lynch): Its not all about the Food


At this time of the year when a lot of people evaluate what they eat and try improve their diet I thought it would be worthwhile to pass on information from an Infographic by sports scientist Yann le Meur on the factors that affect food choice.Yannlemeur

I reckon that it can be hard to pinpoint what triggers a person into eating in the wrong way but a person is frustrated because they had a scone and 2 kitkats on the way home from work because they were “starving”. Thinking about how these factors have an effect on you may make you realize what led to the scone and 2 kitkats..


When I first saw the infographic, it let me quickly see what factors were contributing to my downfall when it came to having adequate nutrition.


The main factors that effect food choice are:



(eg, hunger, food preferences, nutritional demands of a sport)



(eg, getting up late and having no time for breakfast, thinking that low fat is better)



(eg, some cyclist’s desperate plea to be light and it causing a performance sacrifice)



(eg, effect of friends, family, peers and workmates on food choices)



(eg, food cost, food availability)


Nutrition is a complex science and a couple of points can’t make sense of it and create a perfect diet. But this may help people see where they may be going wrong and what is limiting them from having optimum nutrition so that they know what to work on to improve diets.

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