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Blog 14 (Eoin Lynch): Christmas


The run up to Christmas.. The busiest time for retailers and food producers but probably the quietest time for a nutritionist..

People wait until January 1 to ring up Barry or another nutritionist and then start eating perfectly, for definite this time, for once and for all….

Avoiding the food that Christmas brings during December took no effort by me as I didn’t get home until December 23rd. I had planned to be lenient and enjoy the food during Christmas without being a pig about it (if you count a lot of Chocolate, Irish Coffees and Turkey as not pushing it too far)

After a few weeks of a solid amount of training prior to Christmas a few days off the bike were welcome and during that time I did some running and had a brief but fresh encounter with the lake on Christmas morning.

After a proper rest over Christmas it is now back to normal regarding eating and training.

The training before Christmas in Girona was tough but very enjoyable, just enough of a workload to put me under a lot of pressure but not break me.

For most people the new year starts in January, for students it starts in September and for cyclists it starts when they start training again..

So although it feels like it has been 2017 since November,

Happy New Year!

It is cliché and cringy, but “there is no better time than the present” to improve how you eat, especially when it is like now and early in the New Year.. 

Improvements made slowly but surely are better than none!

All the best,


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