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Blog 13 (Eoin Lynch): 10,000hrs and Outliers


After reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” and learning about the 10,000 hour rule anyone would be left feeling like they have a lot of work to do to become a master of a discipline.

There is always a quality vs. quantity debate in cycling training but there is no denying that the more time spent on a bike the better.


This week was the biggest week of training ever done by me but by far the most enjoyable. Exploring the area surrounding Girona makes it easy and always keeps things interesting while giving you sunshine, wind, rain, fog, mountains, descents, coast roads, flat roads and lot of people to train with. Sometimes all in the one day!


It is surreal to be around and training with some of the best cyclists in the world. I usually feel very out of place! The one common theme exists among them all is that they risked a lot and worked very very hard to get to their level regardless of their natural ability, physiology or talent. They had to put in hours and hours of the correct training to earn their place in the pro peloton while maintaining discipline to avoid things that would take away from their hard work.


There are bike riders that have been exceptional talents since a young age, bike riders that started late, that were rubbish for a long time but became excellent, ones that had all the help in the world and others that had lots going against them but emerged to the top of the sport eventually.

To me, that is what makes this sport exciting.

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