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Beyond the Current



We’re both endurance athletes but more importantly human beings that want to be healthy and happy.

We like to train, race, compete, do well, push the limits etc but in a way that’s holistic and in a way that means you can have a healthy functioning body and mind.

Todays quest to become the best athlete you can be, leads you down many rabbit holes. Optimal performance does not result in optimal health, particularly if you are led down the wrong paths.

Furthermore,  performance is treated in isolation. Does your PB, weight, power/weight, VO2max etc reflect how well you generally feel ? Today you can be a high performer but a sick athlete.

Myself and Svein have both been down many rabbit holes. We have over 20yrs between us of competing at the top level. We both have desire to be healthy first and foremost. We don’t want to be sick athletes.

In order to do this, we’ve come to realise that what you have to do is go back to the basics. The basics are being hidden from us. The reason is that they work and they generally don’t cost anything. The health and fitness world of today wants to package everything and profit from it. This results in an “additive” approach which causes us to continually put things into our diet, training and lifestyle to make is better.  However, both myself and Svein after many years have come to the conclusion that what actually works are the things that they can’t package.

This has taken us years of trial and error, of learning and practice, of linking things together and connecting the dots. What we know now is what they don’t want you to know.

This means you have to rewire and reprogramme the way your body and mind work. You have two main ways of doing this, learning or doing. A combination of both is probably best.

Svein has been a pro cyclist for over 10yrs. He has during that time practiced the “doing” and also has a huge interest in the “learning”. Barry has spent the last 10yrs “learning” from books and academia but at the same time he has also been “doing” by competing in ultramarathons.

Now they want to share what they have discovered.


How ?

An interactive weekend of practice and learning in a small like minded group led by Svein and Barry.

For Who ?

Any athlete who wants to connect the dots and who values their health first before performance. Specifically suited to endurance athletes – runners, cyclists, triathetes, ironman.

Schedule ?

To be revealed on arrival

When ?

A weeked in  April (16/17th or 23/24th)

Where ?

somewhere in the hills and by the sea outside Dublin.

Cost ?

Nothing….. other than your own expenses for accommodation and travel

Why ?

As we just want to see how it goes , as it’s a first of its kind.

Places ?

Only 6

To apply email

Just briefly outline your background and interest. 

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