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I’ve competed in lots of races from 5k up to 200k over the last 15 years. I see a lot of runners. However, I see very few with good running form. It doesn’t matter what end of the race you are at either. Even the really fast good runners can have poor form.

I like to think of running well as being as efficient as you can possibly be. I think it’s also a damage limitation practice. The less damage you create and the more efficient you are as a runner….. The less injury you will have, the more running you can do, the better recovery you will have, the faster you will go and the happier runner you will be overall.

Damage limitation and efficiency comes down to a few factors, not just the physical ones. I feel my approach to nutrition has a massive impact on your energy efficiency as well as limiting damage through having an anti-inflammatory affect. Your state of mind is another factor as your focus and stress levels during a run play a huge role.

But the most visually obvious factor is how you run. Running with poor body posture, incorrect foot strike, wrong cadence, misalignment of the spine and various other biomechanical deficiencies can very easily cause you recurring injuries. Even if you are getting away with injury, you may just not be running as well as you could be and losing time. You could be creating more fatigue in the muscle and this is slowing you down more than it should towards the end of races. Worst case scenario is an injury that even your physio doesn’t know how to fix or what the cause is. The only recommendation they have is – don’t run. Nightmare scenario for any runner.

I had my form and biomechanics assessed by Jason Kehoe from ChampionsEverywhere a few years ago. I thought I was doing everything right before I met him. But Jason looked at everything, from my big toe to the top of my head, and pointed out a few issues. We then spent some time showing me how to correct them and different mobility exercises to use. I wasn’t suffering from injury or even any niggles at the time. But after a few weeks, with some big mileage covered, I noticed an improvement in my form and just overall strengthening of my stride. I won the Wicklow Way and the Kerry Way both in that same year and never suffered from any type of foot or leg injury. People always were asking me “were your feet not destroyed you after 200km of running” and I told them no, I had no soreness or blisters and I was back running 2 days after the race.

So if you are a runner, have an injury, or a niggle, or neither….. Then apart from your nutrition ;-), I would say that getting a biomechanical/running form assessment is about the most important thing you can do. Yes it’s a plug but I only do these things if they are genuine. And this is.

If you are interested, and live in proximately of Dublin or Wicklow, then Jason or Rene from ChampionsEverywhere are the experts and they have a 20% discount offer for anyone that uses my code.

Details and Booking here: http://www.championseverywhere.com/product/biomechanical-analysis-running-technique/

20% Discount Code: ON4Sport20


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